Case Studies

Comedy Central UK

In February 2015 Aaron took over the Comedy Central UK YouTube channel. The channel was on a respectable 42k subscribers and gaining 500-750k views per month.

Under Aaron's guidance, strategic content plan, content ideas and SEO/channel management skills, the channel began to grow at a rapid rate. Averaging  over 1 million views per week and in under a 18 month period grew the channel from 42k subscribers to over 150k.



Aaron leveraged the Comedy Central archive within the Comedy Central digital rights guidelines. Knowing what works on YouTube, Aaron used what was available and created shareable, creative and successful compilation videos and single YouTube shorts.

Sony Music UK

Aaron played a major role in the creation and growth of the Sony Music UK YouTube channel. With the limitation of only being able to use UK only content from the Sony Music historical archive, Aaron managed to build the channel using the content and using the ever changing YouTube platform to his advantage. With YouTube moving towards more music streams, Aaron and his team worked with Sony to upload full length albums and take down UGC content to maximise views and revenue to the channel.


EOne Entertainment

Aaron has also worked on kids content, undertaking the Ben and Holly, Humf, and Pat and Stan owned by EOne entertainment. Aaron's main goal was to gain views, subscribers and increase the revenue the channels made on YouTube. Through claiming UGC content, using creative but detailed thumbnails and great channel management these targets were met. With kids content, the videos are picked a lot by the parents. With this you need as much detail and attention on your thumbnails to get the clicks on to videos. These thumbnails played a big part into the success

Business Traveller UK


Since the start of September, Aaron has grown the Business Traveller Instagram page by an average of 100 new followers per month. Included both creating content for the page and adjusting posting time to consumer activity to increase interaction with the page.