Don't kill me because I'm organic

Working in video/social is fun, exciting and allows you to be creative. Opens doors for you to do all types of things. I've been working in this world for four years and I've seen so many changes and been able to adapt without much change and still getting success and more importantly without spending a penny. 2017/2018, however, is a new game. The paid social game. Jobs, questions and even ads (lol) talk about the importance of paid social or knowing about it, I see job ads saying "one year of paid social" that's really not even a lot of experience in the grand scheme of things. Even noticed with Instagram more and more paid post and paid stories are appearing on my timeline.

This makes me feel mainly for small creators who don't have a big budget or the production to create several posts a day. This was a trend YouTubers had to face a few years ago with YouTube changing (always changing) their algorithm and which really was a benefit to channels who could produce and upload multiple pieces of content a day. The Jimmy Fallon Show, the Buzzfeed channels, the companies with the money basically appear more frequently on the recommended section than they would have a few years ago. Now organic me never saw the connection. Even 18-24 months ago I had a phone interview and they asked me about my paid social experience, I was confused, I didn't see where the industry was going and how it was going to effect creators. In my defence, I was only working on YouTube and was thinking about different ways to improve organic growth, because the same agency I was at didn't have the culture of paid promotion. And only until 2017 did paid social land on my doorstep, it wasn't completely foreign to me because I had experimented and conversed about it in my own time. But a creator who isn't exposed to that environment would be left exposed. Reading articles and experimenting helped me bridge the gap but I'm sure there are creators still now scratching their heads to why things aren't working the same way as they did before.

Screenshot (13 May 2018 17_02_50).jpg

I say all that to say, what the hell are these platforms doing for small creators? What's the plan? All the articles I read keep pushing the goal post and making things harder for the person in their bedroom to build an audience. Is it impossible to do? No. Do we have to think differently about how we put content out? Absolutely! Instagram algorithm changes every day, YouTube trying to slow down the money train and Facebook is very much saying you gotta pay to be seen. For example, I ran a campaign to increase the likes on a Facebook page I run. The campaign was immensely helpful and worked well, I only spent £20 and got nearly 1000 new likes on a page in a week. Now with this new audience, I expected an increase in post reach from just posting, sadly I was disappointed. I wasn't left scratching my head because I know Facebook works a lot on engagement so the more your post is engaged by users the more likely they will appear on user's timelines (in theory). It's looking like a dark path but there's a path to walk (that was cheesy sorry) to get you to where you want to be, it may take extra planning and creating but it should only make your product better. Manual and groundwork will need to be more of an emphasis on creators and keeping an eye on the ever-changing algorithms.