The World of Aaron
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Case Studies

A look into the channels and pages Aaron has created strategies for, managed and developed.

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Universal Music Group

Created the YouTube/Vevo strategy for Universal Music Group 

Strategy accumulated an incremental growth of €200k for UMG’s YouTube/VEVO channels and increase viewership on UMG videos by 7.8% in the first 12 weeks of the project

From just thumbnail changes was able to generate incremental growth of €2k 

Was able to identify and build audiences in all non-US territories  

Converted YouTube views to nearly a million streams and sales on other higher paying services 


Comedy Central UK

Aaron built the Comedy Central UK channel from 42k subscribers to 150k in an 18 month period. Under Aaron's management the channel has been taken from under a million views a month to over 5 million views per month.

The channel made over $20k revenue in a 3 month period.


Sony Music UK

Aaron was the lead channel manager and apart of the team which created the Sony Music UK YouTube Channel. Under Aaron's guidance, the channel averaged over 1k new subscribers per week.


Eone Entertainment

Aaron managed Entertainment One's Ben and Holly (in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian), Humf and Pat and Stan. With Aaron as a manager the channels have earned over a £1m from claiming UGC (user generated content) on YouTube.


Business Traveller

Created social media strategy for the Business Traveller Social Media channels

Managed and produced content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Strategy created led to a massive increase across the different social media channels

YouTube views increased by 27%

YouTube subscribers increased by 161%

Facebook video views increased by 5021%

Instagram followers increased by 37%

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Black Apron Entertainment

Ran the online campaign for the sold out show #Hashtag Lightie. Campaign included working with influencers to promote, interview and increase ticket sales for the show.